Movement toward computing environments that offer IT services more adaptable and able to deal effectively with the growth of information leads suppliers of services to search for solutions focused on data centers. Both potential customers and builders of data centers infrastructure are pressured to seek the services of DTLK because:


  1. Making data centers more efficient and flexible is a complex process.

  2. It is believed that Private Cloud Computing will transform the nature of the relationship between business and IT itself and how IT organizations are structured.

As a result the company believes that customers will continue looking for suppliers to operate their solutions, options, define data migration plans and execute accordingly. The company also believes that other companies will seek these services out of their own network to harness the potential of external expertise.


  1. Sophisticated solutions, virtual storage, networks, servers require the integration of highly specialized products produced by a wide variety of producers. Therefore producers specialize in only part of the center and seek services from companies such as Datalink to make the integration of all other products and technologies.

  2. Gross margins of manufacturers have been under pressure and the company believes that producers gain by leveraging the functions of sales and marketing partners like DTLK. 

  3. It seems that produtures increasingly resort to indirect sales as a way to extend its influence and optimize margins.


DTLK combines its expertise and portfolio of services with the quality of the best producers to meet the specific needs of the client:

Consulting: Research, advice and customized action plans that help customers optimize data centers. These are independent recommendations that help in challenges related to data center optimization and consolidation, business continuity, disaster recovery and IT governance.

Analysis: At the beginning of each project emphasis is on analyzing the needs of each business, operating environment and requirements of a unified data center. The company leverages this analysis of all the knowledge from various industries it has over 20 years of experience in the market.

Design: After the analysis comes the project design phase, where teams work to design a system that meets the needs of the customer with regard to servers, storage, networking. The clients are able to choose from a wide range of technologies and each system is designed based on the specific requirements of the business. The project starts with defining their objectives and scope. Then draw up a timetable for the proposed work and a team prepares a diagram of infrastructure, including implementations and key recommendations to address the issues of configuration necessary for transition to new servers, networks or storage environments.

Customer service: Support 24x7. The company believes it has one of the few support programs that provide assistance that cuts across the multiple product lines and producers. About half of the support contracts are made through themselves, ie, the client receives support from Datalink trhough an integrated perspective although these contracts have implied an agreement with Datalink's original producer. The other half of the contracts is direct support from the producer.

Management: The company relieves internal IT teams saddled with a growing portfolio of services. In this manner improves the productivity of these teams while leading to greater operating efficiency. The services allow customers access to key performance metrics and usage metrics of storage capacity contributing to the customer quickly notice where it can improve efficiency and the utilization rate, respectively.




  • Increase productivity of sales team
  • Expand the existing and new locations through acquisitions:
The company continues to expand its existing locations to increase market share, leverage fixed costs and provide better services.
They hope to drive this growth by hiring account managers and experienced engineers to increase sales productivity and utilization of engineers in the field.
Looking acquisition targets that fall outside the scope of the company's offer.
  • Expand revenues from customer support
The skills and performance of customer support section improved significantly and the company intends to continue to make this a priority, since they believe in the quality of services they provide and this will be a growth and differentiation factor for them.
  • Improving the professional services and consulting
The company believes that the consulting services represent a great opportunity to conduct new professional services and sales of hardware and software for new and existing customers. The consulting services allow the company to distinguish itself from the competition and create relationships at the executive level (rather than only IT). They believe that through the recruitment of experienced consultants it can find more consulting opportunities which will also increase sales of hardware and software.
  • Expand portfolio management services
The idea is to free the customer IT teams for projects of greater impact, addressing the company's management more efficient data centers. Initially these services will cover operations of backup and network.