About me

My name is Vasco Ferreira, i'm a young Portuguese investor who likes to share and receive constructive feedback on his stock analysis.

I first graduated in Business Administration, worked for a couple of years at PricewaterhouseCoopers on financial report auditing and i'm currently doing a Master in Finance at Faculdade de Economia do Porto, University of Porto.

During my first degree I was seduced by financial markets! Its complexity was a big challenge at first and everytime I learn some more it just gets more challenging. 

I started investing (mostly in company stocks) in 2009, but I have to admit experience came with a price. It was until I lost some money, that I started to understand a bit more about the dinamics of the stock market. Obviously I still have a long way ahead until I can say I'm a professional analyst, but my results improved a lot since I started to actually read the full reports and know the story of the company, analyse its fundamentals and graph patterns before I take a decision. 

This Blog serves my intention of sharing my analysis to those who like me in 2009 don't know how to start investing and at the same time allows me to improve my analysis with the feedback from the internet community.